We share ideas, strategies, and resources to advance equality in our community.


OUR VISION is a strong and vibrant Colorado Springs where the most vulnerable are cared for, the environment is protected, and we have a responsive leadership that values diversity, equality, and a robust democracy.

OUR MISSION is to build a cohesive, well-respected, and strong Colorado Springs by sharing ideas, strategies, and resources to advance equality and to create diverse representation in voter turnout, elected officials, and community leadership.

OUR PLAN: Over the past four years the Pikes Peak Equality Coalition has been providing a consistent and continuous structure and framework  for nonprofit groups to align around shared values. Through PPEC’s persistence and coordination participating groups are ready to prioritize the growth and sophistication of their individual organizations. Colorado Springs residents are not singularly focused and issue-organizations provide a venue that can (and does) nurture their desire to participate in issue discussions and policy as well be an active participant in the democratic process. PPEC organizations are ready to grow their own member lists while also activating their members to reach out to the New American Majority. 


Banner image provided by Matt Payne.